Tamar Cohen is a New York-born and-based artist whose collages reside at the intersection of high and low culture. She is inspired equally by the sublime and the banal; by Kurt Schwitters and Fred Flintstone; by polka dots and all shades of the color green. An obsessive collector of paper ephemera, Cohen loves candy packaging from around the world, Indian fireworks labels, and Spanish bullfighting posters. Recently she has discovered a passion for vintage children's textbooks, dictionaries and comics from the 1960s. Cohen uses them to create silk-screened abstractions that according to the New York Times "Stand out for their color and beauty". Her work has been shown at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery, the Islip Museum of Art, Kris Graves Projects, Pocket Utopia and the flat files at Pierogi 2000.

Resume available on request.